What are the ABTC reward plans?

Guide for Alefaa-Bitcoin Reward Plans

Guide for Alefaa-Bitcoin Reward Plans

Background Information

  1. The Testnet was from July 1st, 2022, to Oct. 11st, 2022;
  2. The Mainnet was started on Oct.11th, 2022;
  3. A total of 19,856,000 ABTC was pre-mined;
  4. A total of 144,000 ABTC will be mined from Oct. 11st, 2022, to Oct.10th, 2029;
  5. The price of the ABTC will start at $5/ABTC as part of the reward plan for the marketing and management team; the price of ABTC for reward plans will be adjusted each year;
  6. All 19,856,000 ABTC will be frozen until they are distributed as a reward to any users or management team according to the related reward plan.
    For example:
    1. On Sep.21st, 2022, a total of 77,777.77 ABTC  is rewarded to the co-founders and to the management team, in addition to the awarded amount to TalkiHero.com and to the other program before Sep.21, 2022 will be circulate in the market;
    2. Between Sep.21st, 2022 and Sep.18th, 2029, there will be a total of 144,000 ABTC to be mined and will circulate in the market, plus the awarded amount to any ABTC reward plans in the same period will  circulate in the market;
    3. So we expect most of the pre-mined ABTC will be frozen as the rewarded ABTC will be distributed slowly;
    4. Basically, we expect the ABTC  value in the circulation  will be lesser than BTC, as the value of ABTC increases, so we will have lesser ABTC to be distributed  in accordance with the ABTC reward plans.

I. ABTC Mining Reward Plan

The mining reward will be:
Mining reward per year: 20571.43/year
Mining reward per day:  56.36/day
Mining reward per hour: 2.35/Hour

Mining is the process of verifying transactions and adding new blocks to the Bitcoin network. Miners solve complex mathematical puzzles by expending their computational power to validate and add blocks.

The mining reward is the reward sent to the miners for mining to keep the blockchain stable and safe, so keeping a certain number of miners will be important to maintain the safety of the blockchain.

But a question comes to us, how many miners do we really need to make the blockchain safe and stable?

In order to explain well how the mining worked, we explain it in the following details:

  • Several factors affect the mining reward:

Mining is a calculating competition and lucky game, who solves a mathematical puzzle, who will get a reward; generally speaking, the calculating capacity is the key to getting the mining reward;
When you have a stronger miner, you will have a stronger calculating power to find the answer to a mathematical puzzle;
ASIC machine is stronger than GPU, and GPU is stronger than CPU, so this is the reason so many ASIC machines are mining;

When ASIC machines and GPUs start to mine, then CPU miners are out of this calculating game;
The CPU miners can make the blockchain safe and stable just the same as the GPUs and ASICs miners;
This game finally becomes a capital investment game; who has more capital, who can invest more ASIC machines and gain more profits.

Finally, the dream of the game and the reason the blockchain was invented is to seek fairness. It just becomes another kind of traditional capital game.

  • We have another example to describe this mining game
  1. We can compare CPU miners to kids competing for some mathematical questions and using their fingers to calculate the right answer. And whoever wins will receive candies as a reward;
  2. Then came a group of high school students who had more advanced mathematical skills; they joined the competition and took most of the candies. The group of high school students is considered the GPU miners;
  3. Then, a group of big companies with their Al machines came, winning almost all of the candies in the competition. They earned this “passive” income through the use of these machines.Do big companies really need candies to survive? No, not at all; they just feel very happy as they could possess all the candies from the kids! So getting more candies from the kids will make them much happier. They really don’t need those candies, but they really feel happiness from others’ pain. This is the problem of this world that most of the people are in today, and Alefaa Blockchain is finding a solution to make things better.

Based on the problems we stated before, we make the reward of mining ABTC to 1 YOD, which is 1/100million of 1 ABTC. This makes almost no reward to the miners. However, we set another reward plan to replace the missing mining reward accordingly, to encourage the miners to mine and to keep the blockchain safe, while winning good rewards is by contributing to Alefaa business projects, then this mining game becomes a win-win game, to cost nothing in electricity, while winning profits from the market and sharing to the stakeholders.

On September 19th, 2029, the mining reward will become 1 YOD per block, this will make the mining to have a little profit, in order to encourage users to continue to mine, we will select qualified miners to continue to mine on Sep.19th, 2029, the following factors will be considered for a future qualified miner:

  1. The miner who did his/her best to promote Alefaa business projects;
  2. The miner need to  have less mining power(hash rate), max 1 core of CPU is allowed;
  3. Mining leaders should maintain the mining PC mining 24/7 properly;
  • The reasons for us to set mining reward at 1 YOD and to have this extra mining reward is based on the following factor:
  1. This will save the mining power which will save our earth, as to mine with CPU will have an approximately  $7 monthly electric cost which will secure the blockchain much lesser than the ASIC’s and GPUs that are use to mine BItcoin which has a daily costs of 4.11 million dollars;
  2. This will let more people work together to promote all of the Alefaa blockchain business projects, which will generate long-term steady profits to let all ABTC stakeholders to enjoy the maximum benefits.
  3. Calculation of estimated BTC electric cost per day:
    I. 150 terawatt-hours of electricity annually;
  4. 150 * 1,000,000,000,000 WATT / 365 = 410958904110WATT = 410958904.11KW
  5. 410958904.11KW * $0.1= $4,1095,890 per day

So to support ABTC is to save 4 millions US dollars of electricity waste per day, saving our earth while helping our brothers and sisters make their dreams come true, isn’t it a very good deal?

  • We will have a special mining reward plan before Sep.18th, 2029, we will inform the community in the future.

II. ABTC marketing reward plan:

  1. A Marketing leader could choose one or more Alefaa business project to promote;
  2. The marketing leader should organize a group in Alefaabook.com to be used as the business promotion management with group members;
  3. The marketing leader should lead their team members to help Alefaa blockchain business project, including, but not limited to:
    A. Invite friends to promote Alefaabook.com;
    B. Refer tutors/learners to TalkiHero.com;
    C. Any other Alefaa business projects in the near future.
  4. The marketing leader should manage the marketing report to the management team of Alefaa blockchain;
  5. All applications for marketing group leader should be reviewed by the management team.
  6. The marketing group leader might be rewarded a monthly bonus according to his / her contribution;
  7. The management of Alefaa Blockchain keeps the right to approve or dismiss any marketing group leader without any pre-notice.

    III. ABTC Management Reward Plan

    1. A total of a  lifetime reward of 50,000 ABTC will be rewarded to each person in the management team, this is less than 5% comparing to the amount that Satoshi hold in BTC in 2022;
    2. All the ABTC rewards to the management team will be based on the evaluation of each team member;                  

FAQ for mining reward plan:

Do you have a time limit for these reward plans?

No, we don’t set any time limit for this reward plan, as up to 50% of the profits will be used to buy ABTC from the market, and most of these purchased ABTC will be used into these reward plans, so we expect the business profits could support these plans to run forever.

Do you have a time limit for the ABTC reward plans?

No, as up to 50% of the business profits will be invested in purchasing ABTC from the market, and these ABTC will be reserved to support the ABTC reward plans to last forever.

What kind of PC could be eligible for mining ABTC?

Any PC/Laptop could work, and the mining will not affect anything for you to use your/PC/Laptop to proceed with any other tasks.

What’s the key to winning the application as a marketing leader?

The following factors will affect if you can get your miner/marketing leader approved:
1. You should find as many influencers as possible to promote all Alefaa business;
2. You should have a very good reward plan to share with your influencers and fans to reward more to the influencers will make you get more influencers, and this will let your team keep advancing in the competition;
3. You should have a full-time/part-time team to manage the mining business, like to keep mining PC working properly, to do more marketing work for Alefaa blockchain business projects;
4. You should maintain good communication with the Alefaa management team to keep all your work updated and to learn all updated business news to do a better marketing job.

What’s the qualification work should I do before an application?

You should register on Alefaabook.com first, create a group, invite your connection to join this group, and include this link in the application form. And the most important thing to get your application approved, is your capacity to do the marketing work.

When does the election of a marketing leader happen?

Started on August 1st, 2022.

Who approves the applications of the marketing leaders?

The management team approves them.

Who can apply as a marketing leader?

Anyone who is willing to invest his/her time to promote Alefaa business projects and has a good relation to one or more influencer(s), or to have a good skill to promote one of the business projects to be well known for the public.

How do we track the work of the marketing leaders?

We will create a form for the marketing leaders to report their marketing work accordingly.

How can I submit my application form?

Please use the following form to submit your application:

When will I know if my application is approved?

We will contact you by email when your application is approved.

What email should I contact if I have any questions?


Other Policy for the mining reward plan:

    1. The mining leader will be replaced once every year, however, those who contributed greatly in the previous year, the management might keep him/her in the same position;
    2. Each marketing leader might get a monthly bonus depending on his/her contribution;
    3. Anyone in the management team or his/her close family member is not eligible for the application of the marketing leader;
    4. Up to 50% of the business profits will be used to purchase the ABTC from the market, and these purchased ABTC will be used for both reward plans;
    5. 10% of the total supply of ABTC will be used to support the Alefaa ministry.

    Please note: 

    1. Anyone who applies to join the ABTC marketing group should accept all the terms & conditions stated in this doc.;
    2. The management team keeps the right to update the reward plans at any time without any pre-notice.

II. ABTC Management Reward Plan

In order to distribute all ABTC based on a fair principle, we set the following regulation to guide all ABTC reward programs:
Total yearly reward of ABTC will be limited at 10,000 ABTC for everyone in the management team;
Total lifetime reward of ABTC will be limited at 100,000 ABTC for everyone(including spouse) in the management team;
Up to 50% of the business profits will be used to purchase the ABTC from the market, and these purchased ABTC will be used for both reward plans;
10% of the total supply of ABTC will be used to support the Alefaa ministry.

Earnings 2022

Month Name Earnings Earnings Category MEMO
July Joseph 30,000 Investment & Salary September 2019 –  September 2022
July Winnie 15,000 Investment September 2020 –  September 2022
July Lisa 15,000 Investment September 2019 –  September 2022
July Team 17,777.77 Bonus September 2020 –  September 2022

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