What is the Alefaa-Bitcoin(ABTC)?

Alefaa-Bitcoin was a native blockchain with a total circulating of 21 millions in market, and Alefaa-Bitcoin(ABTC) destroyed 21,000,000 – 77777.77 = 20,922,222.23 ABTC and issued a total of USDAB with total circulating 107,777,777 USDAB tokens created in Stellar blockchain.

Who created the Alefaa blockchain and Alefaa business projects?

A group of experienced entrepreneurs, professional programmers, and full-time/part-time/freelancers co-workers created the Alefaa blockchain.

Is Alefaa-BItcoin available in all countries?


When did the native Alefaa-Bitcoin started?

The Genesis of Alefaa-Bitcoin blockchain started on July 1st, 2022.

When did the native Alefaa-Bitcoin transfer to Stellar blockchain token?

Transferred in on 2023-03-05 13:55:07 UTC.

Why did the the team transfer the native Alefaa-Bitcoin to Stellar blockchain tokens?

The POW blockchain is outdated blockchain technologies, and Alefaa focuses on the business to support the value of Alefaa-Bitcoin related tokens, so we has chosen Stellar Blockchain, as it’s the famous latest generation of blockchain with a decentralized exchange integrated, and the most important part, the trading cost is almost free, so this will let Alefaa users to get the best benefit for future Alefaa tokens trading.

Is Alefaa-Bitcoin token secure?

Yes, as the Stellar blockchain is one of the most reliable blockchain in the world, and ABTC/USDAB tokens were created on Stellar blockchain.

What would make Alefaa-Bitcoin maintain security?


On which exchanges are the ABTC/USDAB token listed?

As Stellar blockchain has a free decentralized blockchain, so ABTC/USDAB can be traded in Stellar DEX with almost free trading cost.

Why does Alefaa-Bitcoin have value?

We have many reasons to support the value of the Alefaa-Bitcoin:

  1. Alefaa-Bitcoin destroyed most of the circulating coins and only 77,777.77 tokens were issued on Stellar blockchain;
  2. Alefaa-Bitcoin will be supported by the part of the profits from Alefaa business;

What determines Alefaa-Bitcoin’s price?

The market. As its users and marketability dictate its price value like any other cryptocurrencies in the market.

Can Alefaa-bitcoins become worthless?

Yes. possible as any other cryptocurrency in the market.

Is Alefaa-Bitcoin legal?

For those countries that treat cryptocurrency as a legal transaction, YES, Alefaa-Bitcoin is legal.

How do we deal with the tax issues of Alefaa-Bitcoin?

Everyone needs to declare his/her cryptocurrency due to the requirement of the tax purpose in different countries. Please contact your tax advisor to confirm more details.

Are there any measurements that have been implemented to protect each party in a transaction of Alefaa-Bitcoin between users?

We encourage every user to keep all communication records/sales invoices/contracts etc. on hand to protect themselves from a fraud transaction. Each user should be responsible for his/her transaction.

How can I invest in Alefaa-Bitcoin?

You can invest in ABTC/USDAB by the Lobstr free decentralized wallet, the website is www.lobstr.co