Great News!

Alefaa-Bitcoin wallet – Testnet has been published, please download it from the following link:

Alefaa-Bitcoin wallet supports:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

Please find the FAQ as follows:

What is an ABTC wallet – Testnet?

This wallet of Testnet is used for the investors and users to learn how to use the Alefaa-Bitcoin wallet, to be ready of the Alefaa-Bitcoin Official Wallet to be released on September, 21st, 2022.

An ABTC wallet is the equivalent of a physical wallet on the ABTC network. The wallet actually contains your private key(s) which allow you to spend the ABTC allocated to it in the block chain. It shows your transaction history which includes your total balance and allows you to send a specific amount at your choice to anyone who has an ABTC wallet address.

You may install the ABTC wallet in your PC/laptop, and you can set up several wallet addresses from one physical ABTC walle.

You can create a password for each of your wallet addresses, however, if you lose the password, then you will lose your access to your ABTC asset from your current PC/Laptop, as no one else could recover the password for you. So we strongly suggest that storing the password in a safe place, to print it in hard copy, and store it with your passport, will be the best way to protect your assets. In the case of losing the password of your wallet address, you can restore your ABTC assets by re-install the OS, or you can restore your wallet from another PC/Laptop by the private key of your wallet.
Note: For the initial default wallet address, you cannot create a password for it.


If your operating system doesn’t work, or your hard disk is damaged, then the only way to restore your ABTC asset is to use your private key to restore it from the new OS or from another PC. This means the private key is the only way to restore your ABTC assets, So we strongly suggest that storing your private key in a safe place, to print it in hard copy, and store it with your passport, will be the best way to protect your assets.

For how to use an ABTC wallet, pls check our official tutorial:


How could I have the private key for my own wallet?

You shall install the core ABTC wallet into your own computer and fill up all necessary details and after successful registration, you can generate your own private key through a system confirmation. The private key is the ONLY access for your ABTC assets.

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