ABTC Mining Reward Plan

Background Information

    1. The Testnet is valid from July 1st, 2022 to September 20th, 2022;
    2. The total of 19,000,000 of ABTC will be pre-mined and Mainnet will be live on September 21st, 2022;
    3. The total of 2,000,000 ABTC will be mined from September 21st, 2022, to September, 2140;
    4. A total of 77,777.77 ABTC will be rewarded to the early investors and the management team on September 21st, 2022;
    5. The price of the ABTC will be started at $10/ABTC in reward plans for the marketing and management team, the price for reward plans will be adjusted each year according to the market price of ABTC.
  • All 19,000,000 ABTC will be frozen until they are distributed as reward to any users or the management team according to the related reward plan.
    For example:
  1. On Sep.21st, 2022, a total of 77,777.77 ABTC rewarded to the co-founders and the management team, plus the awarded amount to TalkiHero.com or any other program before Sep.21, 2022 will be circulated in the market;
  2. All the left balance of 19 million ABTC will be frozen unless they are distributed in different reward plans.

We expect we will have much less ABTC to be awarded in the ABTC reward plans when the price of ABTC increases, so this means we expect the circulated ABTC will be less than Bitcoin.

ABTC Minging Reward Plan

  1. A miner should do his/her best to promote the Alefaa business projects through marketing works. 
  2. Register and organize a group in Alefaabook.com to be used as the business promotion management with group members;
  3. The miner should lead their team members to help Alefaa blockchain business project, including, but not limited to: 
  4. Invite friends to promote Alefaabook.com;
  5. Refer tutors/learners to TalkiHero.com;
  6. Any other Alefaa business projects in the near future.

FAQ for ABTC mining reward plan:

  1. What kind of PC could be eligible for mining ABTC?
    Any PC/Laptop could work, and the mining will not affect anything for you to use your/PC/Laptop to proceed with any other tasks.
  2. What’s the key to winning the application as a miner?
    The following factors will decide if you can get your miner’s application approved:
    A.To promote any business of ABTC, and share the work in Alefaa.com;
    B. To submit your application as early as possible;
    Keep promoting Alefaa business, this may take only 10 minutes per day.
  3. When will the miner start to mine?
    On or after September 21st, 2022
  4. Who can apply as a miner?
  5. Up to what consanguinity is the close family member not eligible for the application?
    We do not allow up to the 3rd degree of consanguinity, which includes your Husband and Wife (this includes common-law relationships), son/daughter, father/mother, grandfather/grandmother.
  6. Why do you ask for the IP address in the application?
    We are using the service of cloudflare.com, which allow us to authorize the IP address to visit a specific weblink, this means, only authorized IP addresses can mine as we only people who have access to a pool can mine ABTC. This will avoid the 51% attack, as each miner is registered, anyone using a higher hash rate to attack the ABTC blockchain, the company will sue him/her for the potential loss. And this will save the mining power, as we force all miners to use CPU to mine ABTC, not GPU or ASICs.
  7. Is it safe to share the IP address?
    Yes, it’s just for mining authorization purposes, and we will keep the IP address confidential. And it’s safe to share the IP address, you can ask your ISP to confirm the risk to share your IP, you will get the same answer.
  8. How can I submit my application form as a miner?
    Please use the following form to submit your application:
  9. When will I know if my application is approved?
    We will contact you by email when your application is approved.
  10. What email should I contact if I have any questions?


Other Policies for the ABTC reward plans:

  1. The miner might be replaced if he/she violate the company’s policy or stopped to promote the Alefaa businesses;