“The universe was created by our God in trust, so we follow our God to build Alefaa Blockchain in trust” – Joseph(Yoseph)

In the pool of Alefaa blockchain, you can check the miners who are mining ABTC, to check the transactions details of a wallet address, etc. But due to security reasons, only authorized people can have access to the pool.

In order to save electricity costs in mining ABTC and make ABTC blockchain more secured, we keep the mining private, so only authorized miners will mine ABTC, and each miner will use 1 CPU/Core to mine, this will do the same POW job as Bitcoin, but this will cost nothing in electricity consuming, but the transaction speed of ABTC is 11 times faster than BTC.

If you have any questions about the pool of Alefaa, please do not hesitate to contact us!


“Decentralized blockchain is an amazing tool, but it needs the blessing from our God. Let’s build our future together!” – Joseph(Yoseph)

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