. Alefaa-Bitcoin(ABTC) is a form of digital online money using
blockchain technology that can be easily transferred globally, instantly,
and with near zero fees;
. Alefaa-Bitcoin(ABTC) destroyed all of the 21,000,000 native coin, and
issued a total of 77777.77 token on Stellar chain, and the balance of
21,000,000 – 77777.77 = 20,922,222.23 will be converted to USDAB at the
value of 1 ABTC ≈ US$5, so a total of 107,777,777 USDAB has been issued,, and
all of them will be used to promote the Alefaa businesses;
. The ABTC token was issued on March 05th, 2023 by the following link:
. You can check the ABTC in the Lobstr wallet issuer’s account: the
. All miners can keep mining ABTC until March 14, 2023, we will swap the
Stellar token with your native ABTC coin at rate of 1:1, every ABTC miner
can swap the native ABTC to Stellar ABTC token before March 14, 2029.

What is Alefaa?

Alefaa Exchange is the platform that let users to trade cryptos with lowest trading fee, and we are adding the most popular trading pairs and every registered users will get a reward by referring new users to register.

About Alefaa Brand

Alef – א in Hebrew means our Creatorthe Almighty.

The double A in Alefaa means the spirit of The Almighty and the waters.

The Almighty created the world with the waters and the Set Apart Spirit, so the brand of Alefaa contains 3A; this is where the brand of Alefaa’s name came from.


The Hebrew letter Alef is in the center of the logo, representing The Almighty –

YaHuWaH (Jehovah) יהוה

as the center of this world.


There are 12 rising sun shapes around the letter Alef, representing The Almighty- YaHuWaH, יהוה who raised 12 sons of Israel as the kingdom of priests and a holy nation belongs HIM.

Outside the Logo, Alefaa is a flower representing the Ship of May Flower of America, which carried the puritans from Europe to the United States of America, and built the greatest Christian nation in the world.


The background of the Alefaa Logo is the Star of David/morning star in Rev.22:16

Our Messiah was sacrificed as the king of the Jews, and the Christianity established by the followers of the Messiah who sacrificed their lives is the cornerstone of modern culture and economy.


So the whole meaning of the logo of Alefaa means guided by The Almighty. Alefaa blockchain should be the tool for us to build a Kingdom like the promised land like Eden that The Almighty – יהוה gave to Adam at the beginning of the creation in Genesis.



How to use Lobstre dencentralized wallet to trade ABTC/USDAB

Use Lobstr wallet to trade ABTC/USDAB now


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Decentralized Platform

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